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Your roof has reached the end of its useful life and you are looking for a trustworthy contractor in Gatineau Ottawa? With TNT Roofing your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Guarantee of 20 years on the labor and 40 to 50 years on the product.

For roof repair or replacement, it makes sense to use a qualified contractor. A member of the TNT Roofing team will be able to draw up a list of the work to be carried out, following the inspection of the existing roof.

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TNT Roofing stands out for its great flexibility and versatility. Our team can repair or replace any type of roof covering for you: pitched roof, gable, flat roof, etc.

We can harmonize the new asphalt shingle covering with the style and architecture of your property. Contact us to find out what colors and styles are available.

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We offer full-service warranties and use high-quality materials from industry-leading roofing suppliers.

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