Metal roof

Metal Roof

Prestigious and durable, by choosing a metal roof, you are opting for a maintenance-free and hassle-free covering.

Need to install or repair a metal roof? TNT Roofing takes care of everything. Whether it’s for a new residential construction or to repair an existing roof, sheet metal roofing offers many advantages.

For the installation or repair of a metal roof, TNT Roofing has the expertise you can trust.

Known for it’s longevity, sheet metal is a material of choice for a roof. Offered in a wide range of colors, it is easy to match its color to your property, regardless of the architectural style. Schedule an appointment with us to obtain more details on available products.

Life expectancy and maintenance

Offering impressive resistance to weathering, mold and rust, sheet metal coating has a life expectancy of up to 50 years.

Unlike standard roof coverings, such as asphalt shingles, metal roofs require very little maintenance.

A simple visual inspection in the Spring and Fall is usually sufficient. If necessary, one of our roofing service technicians will conduct a thorough  evalutation of the required repairs.

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